My Baby Barbarian

BabyBarbarianSometimes I worry that my baby Daniel is just a little barbarian. He speaks in incomprehensible gurgles and sticks out his tongue in delight. He adorns his chin with glistening drool but shuns respectable attire. He devours food with gluttonous guzzles and finishes with a tremendous burp. The little heathen even interrupts both scriptures and prayers with irreverent laughter! Barbaric though he may be, he’s awfully cute about it, so instead of civilizing him… I drew his portrait 🙂 Enjoy!

4 Replies to “My Baby Barbarian”

  1. I love that picture. It looks a lot better in real life though. We really need to get a better scanner!

  2. What a fabulous picture! And of course, all true barbarians wear striped socks.
    I do think your description lacked some of Daniel’s most barbaric attributes -but I won’t mention them since you didn’t.

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