D is for Dragon

The digital section of my portfolio desperately needed a new piece so I did this little dragon.  It’s just a quick sketch I did, then colored in the computer.  My husband suggested I give him an ice cream cone…apparently when you breath fire you need the occasional ice cream to help you cool down.

It could use some more work, but other projects are calling my name.



5 Replies to “D is for Dragon”

  1. I’ve always loved your art but I think it has improved since you married Eric. Your two minds work together very well to come up with some wonderfully unique things!

  2. Hey, I was going say only 25 more letters to go, but Lisa beat me to it. But it really would be a great idea for a book… Of course, I love the dragon (the ice cream cone is a brilliant touch), but the desert is superb as well.

  3. Yeah, the dragon is cool and all, but what I really love is the cracked ground. It looks so neat! I’m so impressed.

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