Just a Little Goblet

gob·lin (gbln) n.

  1. a mischievous elfin creature with several teeth and a tendency to bite knees toes and the occasional nose

gob·let (gblt) n.

  1. a baby goblin

A few weeks ago I discovered a goblet in my house in the form of little Daniel.  While teething, he decided that biting his parents was a funny game.  He would bite our ankles and toes if we ignored him; and while we played with him he would go after our fingers and noses with a laugh and a playful growl.  Eric and I both thought this was hilariously adorable and began calling Daniel “our little goblet.”  Unfortunately, our new apartment complex doesn’t allow baby goblins so we had to put a stop to the biting, but I drew these pictures to remember him by.


First sketch of a sweet young goblet.  I liked the idea so much I decided to do a portrait of Daniel as a baby goblet.


First drawings of Daniel’s portrait. I thought the drinking goblet made my little goblin look tipsy so I replaced it with a pet mouse.


The mice were fun, but they just didn’t seem like quite the right thing for my goblet.  I drew a different pet for him an Orcan pig-dog named Muhgg but I kept him on a separate piece of paper because I had another idea for Daniel’s portrait.


In the actual picture I wanted Daniel to be playing with a chewed up book.  What better object for an illiterate, book-despising goblin parent to give their child as a chew toy?  And so without further ado, the final product!


3 Replies to “Just a Little Goblet”

  1. That Daniel is a lucky guy as it looks like he’s going to have his own portrait history. I absolutely love the skull helmet, and that it sits askew. JC.

  2. This is adorable! And I can attest that he does indeed love growling… although it is a very cute growl that brings laughter, not fear 🙂

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