ReGeneration Book Cover

My husband’s cousin’s wife’s cousin (whew!) Tamara Kelly is a writer. She asked me to do a cover for the first book in a series she is currently writing. 

Her book “ReGeneration” is a Romantic Young Adult Sci-fi novel set in a future where human clones are legal but not entirely accepted by society.  The story centers around a teenage girl named Riley and her reluctant interactions with a clone named Liam Kingsley.

I thought the story sounded fun and since her idea for the cover included an apple (a subject I’ve always loved to include in my art) I accepted the commission and here’s the result!


6 Replies to “ReGeneration Book Cover”

  1. I can totally see that as a real book cover. Nice. I’d buy the book just by judging that book by the cover.
    Who’s book? I’m trying to figure it out… I can’t. I give up.

  2. Tamara is Camiah’s cousin, maybe I should have said my husband’s aunt’s sister’s cousin…

  3. I love the work she’s done for me. It was such a great experience that I will be happy to have her do the next book cover for the second book in my clone series.

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