LOTS of Trees…

With nothing to go on but sketchy descriptions, it can be a tricky creating the picture my client has in their mind.  These trees are an example of that… It took a long time to find the right tree, but I have a whole forest to show for it!




4 Replies to “LOTS of Trees…”

  1. They chose the last one. They had a really specific tree in mind, a tree that was more symbolic, than believable. It’s supposed to be an old broken olive tree symbolizing the Israel with two small leafy branches growing out of it symbolizing the two boys in the story. At first they wanted part of the trunk to bend down almost to the ground, but it sounded a lot better in their head than it looked in real life. The top two were my original trees, I never finished them because they didn’t match their vision.

  2. I’ve always loved your trees! It seems the older I get, the less patience I have with “art direction” from clients. Sometimes, they can’t exactly describe what they want me to do, but once I’ve done something, they know that it was not what I did!

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