The boy who must not be named…

Sometimes I like to sketch people from Facebook, anyone is fair game (watch out, you could be next!).  Last week I did this sketch of one of Sala’s friends:


I liked how it turned out, so like any good sister would  do, I turned Sala’s friend into a Slytherin from Hogwarts casting an illegal spell.


The one on top is more saturated and higher contrast, the one below is duller.  I’m not sure which version I like better so I included them both.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, the core of his wand is the heartstring of a teenage girl 😛

9 Replies to “The boy who must not be named…”

  1. Yikes! The heartstring of a DEAD teenage girl I hope!! And I like the first one a little better but they are BOTH awesome!

  2. I don’t know…if you can tug on the heartstrings of a living person then you can pluck one out right? I’m sure they used the same method that Olivander used for obtaining dragon heartstrings. Best not to inquire to closely…

  3. I love this picture! Amazing! I find it interesting that the guy looks a lot like Eric. Especially his eyes. Also, Who is he casting the love spell on? Sala?

  4. I guess he does look a bit like Eric, especially the hand…wait that is his hand! And yes, this guy likes my sister, which is why I made him a Slytherin. It was my duty as a protective older sister.

  5. Nice! I like the saturated one more, but the green of his sleeve keeps dragging my eye down… If you wanted to be nit-picky about it (since it IS a sketch, albeit a highly polished and very nice one), maybe desaturate the sleeve a little? You did an awesome job on the anatomy, btw.

  6. Thanks Maria, I think you’re right about the sleeve. I didn’t really pay much attention to the outfit, I had great reference for the hand, tolerable reference for the face, and I just made up the stuff in between 🙂

  7. So, do you take commissions for a “sketch” like this? Price? I’ve always loved your sense of style and design when you get a chance to play around with lettering…

  8. Thanks, I had fun with the letters. I’m not taking commissions right now, but when I get chance I might do one of you just for fun.

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