ReGeneration Book Cover

My husband’s cousin’s wife’s cousin (whew!) Tamara Kelly is a writer. She asked me to do a cover for the first book in a series she is currently writing. 

Her book “ReGeneration” is a Romantic Young Adult Sci-fi novel set in a future where human clones are legal but not entirely accepted by society.  The story centers around a teenage girl named Riley and her reluctant interactions with a clone named Liam Kingsley.

I thought the story sounded fun and since her idea for the cover included an apple (a subject I’ve always loved to include in my art) I accepted the commission and here’s the result!


Comedy of Errors

Every summer my mom directs a Shakespeare play with the local community theater.  This year she’s putting on Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors,” a story about twin brothers with twin servants both separated just after birth and the confusion that results when they are in the same city.  Here’s the poster I created for the play.  If any schools, community theaters or other nonprofit organizations happen to stumble across this poster, you’re welcome to use it, I’ll even change the text for you if you send me a nice e-mail!


D is for Dragon

The digital section of my portfolio desperately needed a new piece so I did this little dragon.  It’s just a quick sketch I did, then colored in the computer.  My husband suggested I give him an ice cream cone…apparently when you breath fire you need the occasional ice cream to help you cool down.

It could use some more work, but other projects are calling my name.



Dress Up

My little family moved to Seattle this summer because my husband Eric has an internship with Microsoft. On the way to Washington we stopped by my parent’s house to visit. As so often happens at my parent’s house, we found ourselves dressed up in elaborate fantastical costumes of my mom’s creation. This time we were posing for a news paper ad to promote a play my mom was directing at the community theater. Seeing my gorgeous littlest sister Sala dressed up as Puck, I couldn’t resist taking out my own camera and shooting some photo reference.

I then had my sister put on another costume and shot reference until she was tired of it (which, to her credit, was much longer than I expected).

With dozens of inspiring photos to work with, I have my work cut out for me.

I decided to do a digital piece since Photoshop is a lot more compatible with a baby that toxic oil paints (and I want to play with my relatively new Intuous tablet). Here’s what I’m working on right now:



I began this piece around Memorial Day and eventually I plan for this image to be a tragic piece about war and the memory of those lost. Obviously it’s still very much a work in progress, so check back in a week or so to see how it’s coming along. Or better yet, add my blog to your RSS feed for an automatic notification whenever I add new updates.