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Edward the Steampunk Gentleman

Edward (1)

This is Edward, one of my littlest sister’s absolute best friends. I hear so much about him I decided I should draw him…that, and he has great eyebrows.

Here are a couple of progress shots:



He loves gadgets and technical things no one else is smart enough to understand…so don’t ask me what that thing is he’s holding. It started out as a telescope, I suppose now it’s still a telescope…just with a lot of extra features.

Here’s the almost final version before Photoshop tweaking:


And here is the final product!:


Edward’s outfit is based on this and other early 19th century outfits from an excellent costume reference book called “What People Wore:”


I should have done a little more research on cravats though. Apparently there were dozens of different cravat knots with as many variations, all for different occasions, or to send a different message. I guess Edward’s says, “I’ve been too busy with this telescope to bother with a proper cravat!”

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721 Responses to “Edward the Steampunk Gentleman”

  1. Mary Says:

    This is so amazing – as always! It’s incredible how well you captured Edward from that one photo.

  2. JC Says:

    Looks great! The facial expression, clothing, and prop really give this fellow a lot of character.