Rebecca was peaceful and content at night… as long as someone was holding her.  If we laid her in her crib she started to cry and would not stop.  So I held her night after night and well into the mornings.  While I held her, I painted this picture, baby on one arm, Wacom stylus in the other hand.   I did this for a few weeks until she learned that night time was for sleeping then I put the painting aside and got some sleep for myself. 

About a year later I rediscovered this abandoned painting and began working on it off and on until I finally managed to finish it for her 18 month birthday!

Mommy and Rebecca

The time has gone so fast.  I had no idea what happiness Rebecca would bring to our family when I first began this painting.  Since then I’ve been delighted to discover her silly, vivacious, enthusiastic, passionate, and absolutely radiant personality.    I’m so glad she came to our family.  I love you Rebecca!

…And just for fun here are some of the audio books and shows I watched while working on this painting!  Every time I see a certain area of my picture details from the corresponding book will pop into my head.  For example whenever I look at the faces I think of Darwin categorizing barnacle species and I will for years because I painted it into my picture.  (Though I sincerely hope my face doesn’t make you think of barnacles!) Here’s how I see my painting…


(Yes this picture DID take a long time, but not as long as it might seem based on this picture.  I didn’t work on this picture the WHOLE time I listened to these books, or watched Star Trek)