Sharpie Shoes!

For my sister’s birthday I Sharpied some shoes with some of her favorite things.  It was a lot of fun but it took FOREVER! 


We have The Hobbit and Doctor Who:


Star Wars:


Portal and Star Trek:


And of course Harry Potter!



Mischief Managed!


I even decorated the tongues.  I figured they wouldn’t be much use as tongues if they didn’t say something!  The left shoe says “It’s a dangerous business walking out your front door”  (anyone who knows my sister will know why it says that).  The right shoe says “Sala’s shoes!  Thief, you have been warned.”

I was also really pleased with the box I made for them:


And the gift tags:



If anyone is looking to draw with Sharpie on their own canvas shoes (Converse, Vans, Keds, Toms etc.), I discovered a good trick for shading with markers.  I usually just use cross hatching, but there were a few places this didn’t give me the feel I wanted.  So I took the cap off and let the marker dry out for a while.  When it dries out the Sharpie will make a lighter mark.  Then you can layer the lighter tone to make a gradient.  It’s probably not very good for the markers, but it’s great for art!

And when you’re finished be sure to seal the shoe with a water resistant spray.  I used Crep Protect:

It didn’t discolor the shoes or make the Sharpie bleed.  But it does need need to be reapplied periodically.

Little Trolloc Finds a Friend

Daniel asked me to draw a monster for him so I sketched this quick Trolloc boy…I sketched a bit more…Daniel went to bed, I sketched a little more and my once lonely little Trolloc found himself in a pet store full of odd creatures and the gloop that would soon become his closest friend.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

midsummerdetail2Eric pointed out to me that I never blogged about the poster I did for my mom’s play last year.  So here it is!  My poster for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  I had a lot of fun with the details on this one. I carved the names of the lovers in the story onto the trunk crossing them out and adding arrows as the ever changing plot demanded.  Also notice the script on the ground from which Bottom (the donkey) was reading before he was transformed. Tacked to the tree is parchment announcing the play to be preformed at Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding.  I also hid hearts in the tree trunk and in the roots. Enjoy!



Just a Little Goblet

gob·lin (gbln) n.

  1. a mischievous elfin creature with several teeth and a tendency to bite knees toes and the occasional nose

gob·let (gblt) n.

  1. a baby goblin

A few weeks ago I discovered a goblet in my house in the form of little Daniel.  While teething, he decided that biting his parents was a funny game.  He would bite our ankles and toes if we ignored him; and while we played with him he would go after our fingers and noses with a laugh and a playful growl.  Eric and I both thought this was hilariously adorable and began calling Daniel “our little goblet.”  Unfortunately, our new apartment complex doesn’t allow baby goblins so we had to put a stop to the biting, but I drew these pictures to remember him by.


First sketch of a sweet young goblet.  I liked the idea so much I decided to do a portrait of Daniel as a baby goblet.


First drawings of Daniel’s portrait. I thought the drinking goblet made my little goblin look tipsy so I replaced it with a pet mouse.


The mice were fun, but they just didn’t seem like quite the right thing for my goblet.  I drew a different pet for him an Orcan pig-dog named Muhgg but I kept him on a separate piece of paper because I had another idea for Daniel’s portrait.


In the actual picture I wanted Daniel to be playing with a chewed up book.  What better object for an illiterate, book-despising goblin parent to give their child as a chew toy?  And so without further ado, the final product!