Rebecca Head Study

It’s very liberating to paint just for practice with no ambitious masterpiece in mind.  Here’s a little head study I did a couple nights ago.  It was extremely satisfying just painting for painting’s sake, I need to work on little pictures like this more often!


Some Daniel

Family members are my favorite subjects, I’m considering branching out to extended family soon (and don’t say I didn’t warn you since I expect you all to be following this blog much more religiously than I update it 😛 )  Here are 5 Daniels I’ve done recently.

First: Daniel and the Styracosaurus it started out as a study of James Gurney’s picture on page 68 of Dinotopia: The World Beneath, but I took it a little farther than I intended.  The likeness is vague at best and looks different from every angle, but I learned my lesson and won’t be attempting a half inch tall face on a ridiculously bumpy re-used canvas again.  Oh well, he loves it and that’s what matters 🙂


And some sketches, steampunk, stylized, “paleontologist,” and Robin Hood.

  DanielSteam ZobbitDinoDan    DanielRobinHood

Little Trolloc Finds a Friend

Daniel asked me to draw a monster for him so I sketched this quick Trolloc boy…I sketched a bit more…Daniel went to bed, I sketched a little more and my once lonely little Trolloc found himself in a pet store full of odd creatures and the gloop that would soon become his closest friend.



It’s been far too long since I’ve touched this blog.  So just to prove I have been doing artwork I thought I’d post a few sketches from the last few months. I’ve also started a couple of paintings, but I’ve found it difficult to finish anything between moving to a new house that needs a lot of work, pregnancy, and having a two year old who’s decided he no longer needs a nap time…

These guys are characters from stories I like to pretend I’ll write some day…ArickeyboyrecliningdragonwarriorScientistElfman

The rhino is for a children’s alphabet app Eric and I are thinking of creating for Windows 8.

Rhino Reading in a Rocking Chair

And this is a stump.  I like it.