Digital Portrait

I’ve been working on this picture of my lovely little sister off and on for about a year and I finally decided to just sit down and finish it up for her birthday.  After several late nights it’s finally done!!! (for now…I’ll probably refine it someday) It’s the first digital portrait I’ve attempted and I learned so much in the process.  Hopefully my next piece won’t take nearly as long.  I’ll do a post about the evolution of this picture later, but for now I just want to post it and say HURRAH!

ReGeneration Book Cover

My husband’s cousin’s wife’s cousin (whew!) Tamara Kelly is a writer. She asked me to do a cover for the first book in a series she is currently writing. 

Her book “ReGeneration” is a Romantic Young Adult Sci-fi novel set in a future where human clones are legal but not entirely accepted by society.  The story centers around a teenage girl named Riley and her reluctant interactions with a clone named Liam Kingsley.

I thought the story sounded fun and since her idea for the cover included an apple (a subject I’ve always loved to include in my art) I accepted the commission and here’s the result!


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

midsummerdetail2Eric pointed out to me that I never blogged about the poster I did for my mom’s play last year.  So here it is!  My poster for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  I had a lot of fun with the details on this one. I carved the names of the lovers in the story onto the trunk crossing them out and adding arrows as the ever changing plot demanded.  Also notice the script on the ground from which Bottom (the donkey) was reading before he was transformed. Tacked to the tree is parchment announcing the play to be preformed at Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding.  I also hid hearts in the tree trunk and in the roots. Enjoy!