Romeo and Juliet

Every summer my mom produces and directs a Shakespearean play performed by community high-schoolers.  She puts so much work into these productions, making the sets, the costumes (ALL the costumes, which is a BIG deal, and they are fantastic!), casting, directing…she does pretty much everything except the posters…because that’s my job of course! 

Here is the poster I created for this year’s performance of Romeo and Juliet:



I was a little rushed on the color work, but I think it turned out pretty well considering.  What I’m most happy with is my initial line drawing:


To me it seems to have a life, elegance, and confidence that didn’t quite make it into the color version.

2 Replies to “Romeo and Juliet”

  1. I love it! It’s beautiful and I bet your mom is so grateful that she can utilize your artistic abilities in addition to her own! 🙂

  2. Awesome! I believe I see in your sketch, and in your final version, your unique sense of design and flourish coming through as you customized or re-drew parts of the title font (I could be mistaken). I first read “Romeo and Juliet” in ninth-grade. I believe I detected a strong sense of enjoyment and amusement from my teacher as he assigned me the part of “Romeo,” and the part of “Juliet” to an attractive classmate…

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